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What's new in engagement rings?

  • The dead of winter. Here we are fantasizing about summer plans: Rosé. The beach. Flip flops. Maxi dresses. And when the warm-weather wishes get to be too much, what do we fantasize about then? Why, jewelry of course.

    Today we’re looking at Pinterest to see what’s new in engagement ring designs. We found some real stunners. After the jump, 5 gorgeous trends.

    Deer Pearl Flowers pinned this dazzling design by Ken & Dana. Their rings are unique but still maintain that wow factor. Taking a classic design and making it your own is an exciting direction for an engagement ring.

    We love rose gold. Here’s a pin from a Buzzfeed list of rose gold engagement rings. This affordable beauty is available from BelindaSaville on Etsy.

    Elle’s slideshow of alternative engagement rings included this pinned tourmaline ring from Brilliant Earth. Stone bling is a fashionable way to show you’re a one-of-a-kind bride.

    The marquise is back! We’re constantly drooling over Anna Sheffield’s gorgeous designs, but this pin from Brides has us salivating more than ever.

    Brit & Co. pinned this moonstone design, also by Anna Sheffield and we’re loving the marriage of old and new with the unique stone in a traditional setting.

    Love these rings? Or have something else in mind? Let us know what you’re into.

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