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Krista & Heather's Rustic Ranch Reception

November 8th 2013

Prescott, AZ

Krista and Heather have been together for over five years. They were married in California in the fall, but brought together friends and family last June for a weekend-long celebration in their home state of Arizona.

Krista is the outspoken one, and Heather more quiet and reserved, making them “Two peas in a pod.” Their wedding ended a difficult year on a positive note. After suffering a miscarriage the couple made the difficult decision to stop trying to conceive. (Their home state of Arizona does not mandate insurance companies to cover same-sex IVF or infertility). Though it wasn’t an easy one, it’s a decision that they came to together. “Heather is the love of my life,” says Krista. “I would give and do anything for her.”

Both brides walked down the aisle and Krista describes her favorite moment of the day as “Watching Heather’s mother and mamaw walk her down the aisle in tears.”

The wedding was an intimate affair with approximately sixty guests, nearly half of whom were in the wedding as bridesmaids and bridesmen. “Our nieces and nephews walked down the aisle holding signs that said ‘here come our aunts,’ It was precious.” Says Krista. “My grandmother performed the ceremony.”

The Venue: “Juniper Well Ranch is tucked away in the middle of the mountains,” explains Krista. “Everyone stayed on the ranch for the weekend, so we were able to spend a lot of time together. The night of the reception, every tree had twinkle lights and Mason jars hanging from them. It was picturesque.”

Heather can’t choose one moment in particular as her favorite. She loved sharing the entire day, “feeling loved and supported by everyone.”

Wedding Song: A Thousand Years by Christina Perry

From the brides: “We really wanted our day to focus on how thankful we were for the support of our friends and family. We could not have dreamt it better than it turned out!”

Brides’ Wedding Video

Some of the dusty rose details.

The brides’ First Look

The brides pose before their ceremony.

Hers & Hers cowgirl boots.

Such attention to detail in their decor.

Heather & Krista have their first dance as wife & wife.

The mason jar lanterns create a romantic ambiance.

A dessert bar keeps things sweet.

Break for a kiss.

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