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Kyndel & Mandy's Proposal Story

Kyndel, who works in an Indianapolis salon, met Amanda (Mandy), a firefighter, when Mandy was playing roller derby for the Naptown Derby Girls. Kyndel had a three-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, and at the time she identified as hetero. She had never been with a woman or even found herself attracted to one. Says Kyndel, “That all drastically changed when I saw Mandy. When I laid eyes on her it was honestly as if time stopped.”

It turns out that Mandy felt the same instant attraction, and began asking mutual friends about Kyndel. Although Kyndel had never dated a woman before, she couldn’t get Mandy off her mind, and finally decided to ask her out for coffee. Both women were hooked and have been together since.


April 26th 2015

When the couple began ring shopping Kyndel says she hated the process. She couldn’t find anything she liked until they decided to have something custom made. Then Mandy sent Kyndel on a scavenger hunt all over their hometown of Indianapolis. The hunt began at the Starbucks where they had their first date. Says Kyndel, “She actually had the exact table reserved where we first sat and drank coffee, with a “Clue Two” card waiting for me.” The second stop was her favorite sushi joint, Naked Tchopstix, where the couple had their first dinner date. Mandy had Kyndel at the same table, with the same sushi rolls they’d eaten. The third stop—more food—was another restaurant the couple loves, this time with Kyndel’s favorite appetizer and cocktail awaiting her. Says Kyndel, “Each stop had a clue for the next stop with certain details from each of those dates. Mandy also “hired” two chauffeurs to help me get from place to place, and by chauffeurs I mean my two very best friends.”

The last stop was Mandy’s favorite hotel downtown, The Conrad, where the couple had dinner at The Capital Grill, which is the restaurant that’s connected to the venue where they decided to have their wedding. Says Kyndal, “She was a nervous wreck! She barely ate and barely spoke to me at dinner.” The last clue came at the end of the meal, when Mandy disappeared to “make a phone call.” Kyndel was to meet Mandy in the Arts Garden.

As Kyndel walked through the hotel fantasizing about their wedding, she noticed some of their friends were there. Then she turned around and Mandy was on one knee. Says Kyndel, “When Mandy finally got the words out I felt like I couldn’t say ‘yes’ quick enough!”

Mandy told Kyndel they should go get celebratory drinks at The Slippery Noodle, where Mandy bartends when she’s not on duty at the firehouse. To Kyndel’s surprise, Mandy & Kyndel’s loved ones were waiting in the back room to celebrate the newly engaged couple. When Kyndel saw their friends and family she instantly burst into tears. “Seeing all those people there to support love! To support us … Love totally won!”

The couple planned their March 26th 2016 wedding at the Conrad Hotel in Indianapolis.

All photos by Amanda DeBusk Photography.

Newly engaged Kyndel and Mandy pose for their engagement shoot.

The brides-to-be share a look of love.

Kyndel shows off her custom diamond engagement ring.

Both women say that when they met, the feeling was “electric.”

Couldn’t be sweeter.

The couple pose at the station where Mandy’s a firefighter.

Just two women in love, hanging out on a fire truck. Perfect.

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