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Lacey & Rebekah's Romantic Barn Wedding

August 13th 2016

Amana, Iowa

Lacey and Bekah are both from Iowa, originally. They live with Paisley, their Boxer/Pitbull mix. Lacey has worked in retail management for the past 13 years and is currently a Manager at a local grocery store. Bekah has a Bachelors in nursing and is working towards a career as a nurse practitioner while working as a nurse. The two met by accident when they were out with friends after work one night. Say the brides, “After each of us finally got up the nerve to talk to each other things sparked pretty quickly and we began spending more and more time together. Soon, it was obvious that we had each met our match.”

After dating for a couple years Lacey devised a plan to pop the question. She surprised Bekah with a trip to see her favorite country band—Rascal Flatts—in concert as a birthday gift. Lacey invited her younger brother and his wife and surprised Bekah by also inviting her twin sister, Sarah. It was Bekah’s first time seeing the band in concert, so she was ecstatic, but nothing could have prepared her for the emotions she would feel when Lacey got down on one knee during her favorite song, “Bless the Broken Road.”

Bekah counter-proposed to Lacey during their engagement shoot with Candid Contrast Photography.

The brides planned a rustic and romantic barn wedding. They did not have a first look. “It was important to both of us to keep things a little more traditional in the sense of not seeing each other prior to the ceremony.” Both brides were escorted down the aisle by their parents. Friends and family filled their “I Do Crew,”and they had live music during the ceremony. The brides wrote their own vows and had a tree planting ceremony.

Wedding Song: “Make You Feel My Love” cover by ortoPilot.

Say the brides, “During wedding planning we came up with a little game; we would play various love songs to determine if they might be a contender. When we finally came across this song, we couldn’t help but smile, and the decision was immediately unanimous. This version of the song fits both our feelings for each other and our style.”

Lacey’s Favorite Moment: “The moment Bekah walked down the aisle is one that I will truly never forget … the dress she chose was stunning and completely opposite of what I would have pictured her in. She looked absolutely beautiful.”

Bekah’s Favorite Moment: “We had written each other letters before the big day, and that morning our photographer and “I Do Crew” helped to organize a place and time when we could have a moment together before the ceremony. I stood with my eyes closed while they led a blindfolded Lacey to stand back-to-back with me. Feeling her there and knowing that after this day I would get to call her my wife forever … it was honestly a moment I will always cherish. We exchanged letters and both cried reading the words we had written to each other. Then we stood there and held hands, taking a moment to let it all soak in. It was an unforgettable experience.”

The brides say that they took a more laidback approach to their wedding food. “Rather than the traditional wedding buffet, we had freshly grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, and grilled chicken sandwiches, along with sides and salads for our guests to choose from.” Bekah and Lacey did most of the decorations themselves, and included a fun “kids’ corner,” complete with personalized coloring books, space to draw, and even snow cones.”

Bekah and Lacey add that, “Although not every detail of the day went entirely as planned, we have actually talked dozens of times about wanting to relive the day over and over again, if anything, it was too short.”

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