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Ashley & Paige's Sunset Rock Proposal

Paige and Ashley met on a few different occasions when they were fresh out of high school in 2008, but Paige says they never really talked until 2010, when Paige started going to the tanning salon where Ashley worked. “We were always a little flirtatious, but I never thought much about it because Ashley had never been with women.” The girls didn’t see each other often until Ashley was relocated to the salon Paige frequented. She let Paige know by posting on her Facebook wall that she would get to see her all the time now. Paige says that’s when their relationship really began.

Says Paige, “I remember going in one day before work, and Ashley looked as beautiful as ever. I could tell you exactly what she was wearing that day.” Their interactions took a turn. They started texting constantly and began dating on May 13th 2011.

The Proposal:

Paige says that she knew she wanted to marry Ashley soon after they got together. “I knew she was the one for me.” Last March she decided to start ring shopping. She knew just what Ashley wanted.

Says Paige, “Buying the ring was the easy part, but planning the proposal, not so much.”

As a self-confessed hopeless romantic, Paige had often made cute gestures and surprises for Ashley, but she wanted the proposal to top everything that had come before. She began by making a video asking Ashley’s son, 4-year-old Carson, for permission to marry his mom. “He said yes, but told me to get her a Burger King crown instead of a ring. I loved this idea, as I’ve always called Ashley my Beauty Queen.”

The couple has a special spot called Sunset Rock. This is where Paige planned to propose. She knew what she wanted to say but was nervous that she would fumble with her words, so she enlisted the help of an artistic friend and brought sidewalk chalk to the rock.

Together they wrote out key points from everything she wanted to say on the bottom of the rock up to the top. This included talking about her love for Carson, so his name was written in big letters. She had a quote from Dr. Suess that was represented with the iconic image of a hat.

When she finally got Ashley there she blindfolded her and handed her a recording of everything she wanted to say as Ashley made her way up the rock. At the top was an iPad with the video of Paige asking Carson for permission to marry Ashley. When she was finished watching the video, Paige was waiting on bended knee. Ashley said “Yes” and the two cried and drank champagne together on the rock. Paige had also brought along roses, a Burger King crown hanging in the tree above them, and a hidden photographer to capture the whole thing.

Because the two are so close with their family and friends, Paige arranged for a surprise dinner with their loved ones. They entered the restaurant and “As we round the corner to where we were sitting our whole crowd of friends stood up and started clapping and cheering. Ashley was so shocked and happy she fell to her knees and started crying.“ There was also a live band playing, “Something to Talk About,” which the couple found fitting.

Below the couple shares photos from the proposal and an engagement session with their son Carson.

The couple together on the rock as Ashley starts to take it all in.

Paige asks for Ashley’s hand in marriage.

Ashley says “Yes!”

Still in shock, the newly engaged couple enjoys a celebratory glass of champagne.

The couple with son Carson, who had an important hand in the proposal planning.

Some highlights from Ashley and Paige’s engagement session.

The brides soon began planning an August 2015 backyard wedding at Paige’s parents’ house …

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