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Martina & Valeria's Romantic Italian Elopement

October 31st 2015

Cagliari, Sardinia

Valeria and Martina were both born and raised in Cagliari, Sardinia, where they met a few years ago while Martina was in University. After her graduation she decided to move to the Netherlands. Valeria, meanwhile, is completing her degree at the University of Cagliari.

Say the brides: “Cagliari is the most beautiful place on Earth for us, with its kiosks on the beach, its busy port with its narrow streets full of sun, and the smile of its inhabitants. One day we hope to be back forever in our home town.”

Before moving away Martina wanted to make vows to Valeria in an intimate ceremony in Cagliari. The brides say that because same-sex marriage is still not legal in Italy they decided to elope until their union would be recognized, at which time they will celebrate with family and friends.

Say the brides: “We have decided to share our promises of love in the most important place for us. A place where we fell in love and understood that we wanted to spend our lives together.”

Martina and Valeria celebrated their marriage on the panoramic hill of Sant’Elia and a stroll down to the small beach of Calamosta, where they spent their first summer together.

Inspired by the strength and beauty of their love, which they say creates a light in the universe, they reveled in the simplicity of their vow and ring exchange. Say the brides: “From doing our hair and make-up together, to walking trough the streets of our little town in our beautiful clothes, to the vows and our exchange of rings, the moments were at once so simple and so special.”

Both brides agree that their favorite moment from the day was saying their vows to each other.

Martina’s Vows: Valeria with my heart united to yours we will form a new family. My steps are joined to yours to explore new roads, to overcome obstacles, to dodge the abyss. I’ll be your shoulder when you are tired, your oasis when the world breaks in pieces, I will be the silence when the noise is deafening, I will be your cry when silence oppresses you, I will be your landing when the sea will not be calm in the storm. I’ll be all you allow me to be to make you immensely happy.

Valeria’s Vows: Martina I will unite my heart to yours. I’ll be your support when you feel weak, I’ll be your source when you are thirsty, I will protect you when the cold threatens you, I will be your shadow when the heat suffocates you, I’ll smile through suffering. I’ll be all you allow me to be to make you immensely happy.

After the ceremony the brides say they celebrated by cooking one of their favorite dishes: pasta with Gorgonzola, tomatoes and walnuts.

Say the brides: “It was great to set the table with our bouquet of red roses.”

The brides spend their day together, beginning with hair and make up.

Valeria’s final touches.

Martina looking gorgeous.

The brides stroll through the narrow and vibrant streets.

Headed to their ceremony spot.

Beauty that looks effortless as they walk hand-in-hand toward the ocean.

Big smiles as the celebrant begins.

They hold hands as they speak their vows.

And a kiss makes it official!

The whole gorgeous scene.

An ethereal shot of the newlyweds.

Martina and Valeria share a kiss in front of the lighthouse.

We love their sophisticated style and vintage look.

The brides are off to celebrate.

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