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  • How do you make a great speech at a lesbian wedding?

    General Wedding Speech Advice: I’ll start by sharing my Dad’s advice for giving a speech: Brevity.

    This is great advice, as I’ve both given and witnessed many wedding speeches, and no one but the speaker really appreciates a speech that rambles on. Two other things I’ve learned through experience: Write it down. Trying to go off the cuff usually results in a repetitive speech that is longer than planned. I am a terrible public speaker. About 80% of my body turns bright red and I forget to breathe. So I always write it down. Finally, don’t use too many inside jokes or personal stories. You risk alienating the audience. Certainly use some, and remember that you’re speaking to a couple, not an individual, and there is likely a room full of guests politely listening. If your best friend asks you to speak at her wedding it’s not a chance for you to tell all of your wildest college stories. Tell one that reveals something about her or about your friendship, then be sure your speech evolves to include her new husband or wife.

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