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Anna & Sarah's Union in the UK

August 5th 2016

Manchester, UK

Sarah is a Business Studies Teacher from Wales and Anna is a Business Manager from Wirral. They live in Manchester with their two cats, Kat & Alfie, or “the babies,” as Sarah calls them. They met working for a recruitment firm and became best friends.

When it came time to propose, Anna contacted Sarah’s manager at work and secretly booked time off, then planned a trip to Milan and Venice. Anna proposed in Venice near the Rialto Bridge. “I had written everything down but got too emotional to speak, so Sarah read my proposal herself.”

The brides planned a “feminine, relaxed and magical day filled with cats.” Both brides were escorted down the aisle, Sarah first with her mom then Anna with her dad. Says Anna, “I knew I would take longer to get ready than Sarah, and we didn’t want to see each other beforehand. She had to get inside earlier.”

Wedding Song: “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton.

Say the brides, “We have so many songs we love that we heard throughout the day, including this one.”

Anna’s Favorite Moment: “I have two favorites! My first is the ceremony, I took every part of it in and it was the best feeling in the world. I loved marrying Sarah and would do it all again. My second was the speeches. Everyone laughed and cried and it was amazing to see all our family and friends supporting us. I felt so loved. “

Sarah’s Favorite Moment: “Seeing Anna walking down the aisle. I’d been at the venue for nearly an hour so my nerves were getting the better of me. I had misheard someone saying Anna’s wasn’t there and I thought she wasn’t coming! The relief of seeing her made me so emotional.”

The cake toppers were 3D models of their actual cats, and they also had cat confetti. Their place cards were corks from bottles of prosecco that the couple drank leading up to the wedding.

Asked if there’s anything they would change, the brides say they wish they’d had the wedding filmed. “We would love to watch it over and over again!”

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