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Lindsay & Angela's Ceremony in the Capital

May 29th 2016

Denver, Colorado

Angela and Lindsay met in Boston through mutual friends and eventually moved to Denver together. After six years of dating Angela proposed a few days after same-sex marriage became legal nationwide. Say the brides, “We had been discussing marriage for a long time and really wanted to wait for marriage equality.” Lindsay had been holding onto a ring for Angela, but Angela surprised Lindsay by proposing first.

Angela and Lindsay debated eloping, but in the end decided to have a wedding because community is so important to them. “We know that a marriage does not live in isolation and you need your people to support you as individuals and as the couple. We decided a wedding was the way we wanted to include our community and ask them for their care, respect, love, and support.” They included loved ones as attendants, officiants, musicians, ring bearers and flower girls.

Both brides were escorted down the aisle by their parents, who then stayed for a blessing, rather than “give the brides away.”

Wedding Song: “Us Again” by Brandi Carlile

Say the brides, “Finding a song, as lesbians, that feels classic but is not overly gendered was hard.” They were fans of Brandi Carlile from early in their relationship and they chose this because it was an upbeat song about trusting each other and knowing that everything will work out. The brides had their first dance and stayed on the floor through the night.

Angela’s Favorite Moment: “The toasts our families prepared. You could tell how deeply they cared for us and it was affirming for why we had the wedding to begin with. We had asked our parents and our siblings to give toasts and they made us laugh and cry in all the right ways. Then Lindsay’s brother and his partner surprised us by singing—and rapping—“Same Love” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Which mostly made us cry in all the right ways. Lastly, Lindsay’s 92-year-old grandmother sang a song she had made up herself about our love. Which again made us laugh in all the right ways.”

Lindsay’s Favorite Moment: “During the ceremony our officiant had us look out at all the people that were there. Angela squeezed my hands and I felt so much love and time stood still.”

Angela and Lindsay were the first couple ever to be married on the steps of the Colorado capital building, so planning for their ceremony came with some challenges. Say the brides, “It is typically open to the public and there was not a good way block people to let them know a private event was going on.” Family and friends helped keep passersby away from the ceremony site, but the brides wish they’d had a security guard to help. They also had some hiccups with the sound system, but still say they had an amazing time dancing the night away.

The brides made their own centerpieces and utilized wooden flowers and upcycled wine bottles to stay as green as possible. They featured Aspen trees on their invitations and had a tree-planting ceremony during the wedding, which they then planted in their backyard.

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