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Betsy & Jenna's Sweet Summer Celebration

August 29, 2014

Middletown, CT.

Betsy & Jenna met at ESPN in 2011 after both working there since 2008.  They didn’t work in the same department but met by chance, when Jenna was scheduled to train Betsy on a job function. They bonded over their love for the Boston Celtics. Coincidentally, they both lived on the same street, only a few houses apart in Betsy’s hometown.

A friendship grew, and since they both worked nights with unusual days off they spent more and more time together. When they started dating, their first date was—fittingly—a Celtics game. Betsy & Jenna knew almost immediately that they wanted to get married.

Both women wanted to propose so they went ring shopping together and picked a day to get engaged. From Betsy & Jenna: “It was cool (and unusual) for a bride to have complete say in her choice of engagement ring!  On July 4th, 2013 we went for a romantic dinner on the water and then watched fireworks on the beach and proposed to each other, complete with champagne to celebrate!”

Betsy & Jenna chose an August day for their wedding, and they credit their venue and vendors with making their wedding day perfect. They were married at Pavilion on the Lake in Middletown, CT. “The staff was amazing. They were available to us at all times. They set up all of our decorations, tended to our wedding party and made sure everything went off without a hitch.”

The brides wanted the occasion to feel bright and happy, so they chose complementary colors coral pink and sky blue for their summer wedding. Their ceremony was outside at sunset, and their venue was natural and rustic. The day wouldn’t have been complete without their dog, Rexx, a Husky-Shepard mix, who was groomed and dressed up for the occasion by Crew LaLa. “He is a wonderful dog, very friendly, and seemed to think Betsy’s dress train was his personal blanket to lie on during pictures. “

They chose their photographer, Adam Coppola of Studio Ten9Ten, because he was a family friend and had photographed Betsy’s sister Kathie’s wedding a few years prior. “Before we officially hired Adam, we planned to meet at the Pavilion so he could see where we were getting married. Adam got there an hour early and walked the grounds scouting out unique places to take pictures. To put that kind of time and effort into his job before we had even hired him spoke volumes.”

On their big day, Betsy and Jenna insist that both Adam and his assistant were a joy to work with. “Every time a photo op happened during the ceremony and reception, Adam was right there to capture it. I never had to look for him once. He smiled the entire day and I felt his energy carry over to us and our wedding party during the pictures.”

Other personal touches included wedding cupcakes instead of cake. Says Jenna: “Our cupcakes were from a coworker’s wife, Alice Minervino, who has a private business, “Alice in Cupcake Land.” Her cupcakes were fantastic and we had such a variety! She met with us during the planning stages and helped provide us with inspiration. We used a husky cake topper to incorporate our pup!” Jenna’s uncle built their cupcake tower using wood and they decorated it with Betsy’s mom.

The brides created personalized table numbers with their photos. For example, table “1996” was a framed picture of each bride from that year. Says Betsy: “It added a fun personal touch and our families enjoyed seeing these memories of us in our younger years.”

Rather than wedding favors, the brides made donations to two organizations on behalf of their guests, both the Autism Research Institute (One of Betsy’s younger sisters has autism) and Rescue Angels, which is where they adopted Rexx.

Betsy & Jenna also quickly clicked with their DJ. “His website was advertised at LGBT friendly which really appealed to us, and he picked up on our style instantly.”

Wedding Song: “Kiss the Girl” from The Little Mermaid.

“We’re not even sure how this became “our song” but it did and we stuck with it!”

Afterwards they invited all the couples to join them on the fance floor with Adele’s version of “Make You Feel My Love.”

Both brides walked down the aisle. Betsy went first and was escorted by her father.  Jenna went solo and gave her mom a kiss when she got to the end of the aisle. Each had Bridemaids & Bridesmen.

Betsy’s Favorite Moment: Watching my beautiful bride Jenna walk down the aisle as I waited for her on the other end.  She asked me who I wanted to walk down first, and I said myself, so I could watch her. She looked absolutely beautiful.  That was a moment I will cherish and remember forever.

Jenna’s Favorite Moment: The entire day was so perfect, I literally could not have asked for anything more. The moment that stands out the most to me was our first look. Betsy and I hadn’t seen each other since the rehearsal dinner and hadn’t seen each other’s dresses yet either. When I turned and saw her for the first time it took my breath away, I had to hold back tears (couldn’t mess up my makeup!)

Another special feature is that Betsy & Jenna were married by a Catholic Priest. “We both come from Catholic backgrounds and really wanted to incorporate our faith into the ceremony.  We found a Catholic church in New Haven that is accepting of everyone.  We met with Fr. Shawn Smith at the parish and knew he would be perfect for our ceremony. He was able to put a light-hearted spin on the usual Catholic ceremony. He even had people laughing! We were so happy that people enjoyed the ceremony as much as we did.”

The venue told Betsy & Jenna that theirs was the first wedding to run out of the signature cocktail due to such high demand.

“Our dance floor was packed the whole night! When the DJ played his last song no one was ready for it to be over and everyone was chanting in unison, “One more! One more! One more!” So he played “One more time!” It was a total blast and we carried on all night at the after-party.

Betsy & Jenna share a moment together. Rexx, of course, wants to be between his Moms.

Another moment with their handsome boy.

The brides share a moment hand-in-hand.

They hadn’t seen each other’s dresses, but the brides look perfect together.

The sun seems to shine directly upon them during their Catholic ceremony with Father Shawn Smith.

A look of love.

And a kiss makes it official.

Betsy & Jenna with their bright and cheery bridal party. The brides say their florist “was a total sweetheart and paid so much attention to detail.”

Side coral shares some love with Betsy.

Their first dance as wife and wife.

And they danced the night away, on what both brides describe as their “perfect” day.

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