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Amber & Emily's Rainbow Reception

August 23 2014

Tucson, AZ

In 2008 Amber’s roommate Briana introduced her to Emily. They were friends for a while, and then in May 2009 the flirting began. Throughout the summer they stayed up until sunrise, quickly realizing they were falling in love.

In Christmas 2013 Amber took Emily to Disneyland – Her favorite place in the world! After watching the fireworks they went on Emily’s favorite ride, Peter Pan’s Flight, and Amber said, “Never run away to Neverland, be my wife instead.” Emily calls it a perfect proposal and a magical night.

The brides were married eight months later, during a rainbow themed wedding at The Stillwell House and Garden in Tucson. Say the brides of their rainbow theme, “It was colorful and loud – just like us!” Though their August wedding could have been a miserably hot day, they were treated to a gorgeous desert evening.

Both brides were escorted down the aisle by their parents and that friend Briana who introduced them—she officiated the ceremony. Each had their sister and brother as Maid of Honor and Best Man, and they dressed their wedding party in rainbow colors so that when they were all standing together they were “the perfect gay rainbow.”

Wedding Song: Somebody Loves You by Betty Who

Their first dance was “Love They Say” by Tegan and Sara, and each bride danced with their father, and Amber’s cousin Holly Jo sang Lady Gaga’s “You and I.”

Amber’s Favorite Moment: “Watching the gates open and seeing Emily walk down the aisle.”

Emily’s Favorite Moment: “Listening to Amber tell our love story to all our friends and family.”

The brides enjoyed personalizing the wedding with their individual personalities, and they called on loved ones to lend a hand. Amber’s grandma made the funfetti wedding cake, and Amber’s mom and stepdad made the rainbow owl cake topper. Emily’s grandma made their wish jar, while Emily made their “Pick a seat …” sign. Amber and her gang blew up all the rainbow balloons for their centerpieces.

Together with their friends and family from all over the country the brides drank whiskey gingers and danced all evening. “Overall,” they say, “It was the best to have everyone we love together partying and celebrating our love.

Emily’s handmade sign welcomes guest to the ceremony.

Amber is escorted by her parents.

Emily and her parents follow.

As Briana officiates the brides share a look of excitement.

Officially wife & wife.

The brides get goofy with their colorful wedding party.

Time to celebrate!

First dance to Tegan & Sara.

An intimate photo captures the brides enjoying their perfect evening.

Cutting the funfetti cake.

A beautiful shot of the newlyweds, who savored every beautiful moment.

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