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Manny & Mo's Laidback Backyard Clambake

Manny & Mo’s wedding is one in which every photo is stunning, and as I look through them I’m really wishing I was there partying with these laidback brides. Their wedding looks like a blast- the epitome of a 2brides wedding … A little rebellion and a touch of class.

Gorgeous dresses? Yes. Bridal keg stands? Yes.

Manny’s up first!

And here goes Mo!

Read below for Manny & Mo’s wedding story and more of Studio Ten9Ten’s gorgeous shots.

October 12 2014

Nantucket, MA

Manny & Mo have been together over nine years and met in what the ladies’ claim is “the gayest way possible.” Manny played rugby for Providence and Mo played rugby for Northeastern. They played each other, and … sparks. Since those days they’ve lived all over the country together, but they’ve been in Providence, RI for a few years now.

The brides chose to marry in Nantucket because Mo’s family has been vacationing there every year since she was a little girl-almost twenty years-and when they started dating Mo brought Manny along on the family trips. “I have been part of this awesome tradition and completely fell in love with the island, like her family.  So it seemed like the only place where we wanted to get married.”

The ladies were married on a perfect fall day in October at a private residence. They infused their own style into the entire event. Says Manny of their initial planning with their photographer, Adam Coppola: “When he asked what our wedding was going to be like I simply told him to make sure he got a picture of me doing a kegstand in my wedding dress, which he definitely did, and it set off a kegstand frenzy at the wedding…it was fantastic.”

Wedding Song: The Fray – Look After You

The brides were married over Columbus Day so they spent the long weekend enjoying time with their guests.

Manny & Mo ceremony was personal and laidback. They wrote their own vows and their friend Alonso officiated.  From Manny: “Mo always drags me on walks, which, I love, but she can walk for hours.  So I incorporated that into my vows and promised that no matter how old we get, I will always be walking (or wheeling) by her side.”

Mo’s Favorite Moment: “The vows.” She then adds that her favorite moment is actually what she calls the “pre-kiss,” when she kept leaning in towards Manny and kissing her before they were officially wife and wife. Mo: “It made everyone laugh a ton at the ceremony.”

There were no bridal parties. Mo’s dad escorted her down the aisle and Manny was escorted by her brother.

Manny’s favorite moment: “Seeing Mo walk towards me at the ceremony while Downeaster Alexa was playing.”

Final details: The brides chose Downeaster Alexa as their processional “because we love the song and it didn’t hurt that it describes a fisherman’s life off of Nantucket.” The only flowers they used at the wedding were for the bouquets, which Mo’s sister put together.

Below, the brides share some photos from the raucous celebration.

The excitement before the ceremony.

A stunner on the beach.

Some of the pretty lace details as they walk hand-in-hand.

The property is ready for a two-bride wedding.

An overview as the ceremony begins.

With their friend officiating, the brides are comfortable and full of love as they read their vows.

With a kiss it’s official.

Time to party as wife & wife.

As Manny & Mo share a private moment the pumpkins and mums add a gorgeous pop of color.

Lawn games kept the vibe cool.

Every photo of these two is better than the last.

Playful brides make for fabulous weddings … and lasting marriages.

First dance as wife & wife.

Manny & Mo impressed with their Nantucket seafood game, and white dresses require bibs!

The brides cut their cake with Jason masks and a fake axe.

The perfect celebration for two ladies in love.

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