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Caroline & Monique's Proposal Story

Because Caroline is currently stationed overseas in Korea, Monique shared the couple’s sweet proposal story.

Monique Novoa and Lt. Caroline Recio met in a college Spanish class at Agnes Scott in Atlanta when Monique was a freshman and Caroline a junior. Because Monique was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and grew up in a Mexican neighborhood in Chicago, she insists Caroline only passed their Spanish class because of her. The two also became teammates on the school’s lacrosse team and turned their friendship into romance when they began dating the following year.

Proposal Date: September 4th, 2015.

Monique’s favorite movie growing up was Selena. She says that Caroline knew of her Selena obsession early on in their relationship. “In the world of Spanish music, Selena is a household name and is a woman who paved the way for Latinas in the tejano music scene.” When Caroline was stationed in Texas, Monique expressed her excitement over seeing where Selena grew up and visiting the Selena Museum in Corpus Christi.

Over Labor day weekend 2015 Caroline planned a little trip for the couple. All Monique knew was that she’d get to the museum. Caroline took them to the Emerald Beach Resort where they took pictures of each other. Says Monique, “I love taking candid photos of Caroline, they always capture the best moments of her happiness to me.” When the couple took a break in the park Caroline asked Monique if she would like to see the pictures on her phone.

Says Monique: “Every photo we have taken together since we met was complied into a video with a song playing in the background. I thought it was so sweet and had no idea what was coming next. As the video came to an end, the last picture featured the words, “Will You Say Yes?” As I turned in confusion to ask Caroline what she meant, she was already on one knee smiling at me with the ring in her hand.”

Monique didn’t let her finish her rehearsed speech because she was simultaneously crying and asking Caroline if she was serious. “She then asked, with my full name, if I would spend the rest of my life with her. I have never been happier in a moment than I was with her right then.”

The couple shot their engagement session with Jay Farrell on a beautiful November afternoon. Some highlights from the shoot below.

The couple chose to have their engagement session at the square in downtown Franklin TN, where Caroline grew up and a place they both feel connected to.

Caroline was in uniform for the first half of the shoot.

Caroline plants one on her fiancee.

Gotta love this perfect kiss.

The couple walks through town before a wardrobe change for some casual photos in the park.

Monique and Caroline show off their playful sides.

Last of the day’s sun.

Though the couple is separated while Caroline serves overseas, they have a wedding to plan when she returns and a future they’re both looking forward to.

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