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Brianne & Kaity's Proposal & Engagement Shoot

Graduates of the University of Utah, Brianne and Kaity live in Salt Lake City with their dog Cor.

Both brides proposed to each other in December 2016.

Kaity: “Brianne took me on a date and had two of our best friends decorate our house while we were out. When I walked in the room there was music playing and candles and lights twinkling. Our friends graciously sprinkled confetti all over the room and we still find it five months later! Brianne made a photo book with lyrics from one of my favorite songs and on the last page wrote, “Will you marry me?” I love that I have a book to remind me of that special night.

Brianne: “Kaity proposed to me right before Christmas, with all of her family in town. I had just started a new job and needed to go fill out paperwork. While I was gone, Kaity and her father went to one of our favorite spots in the mountains then called me to say they were stuck in a snow bank. I went racing up the mountain, only to find that Kaity had set up pictures and candles, and a blanket in the snow. She played one of our favorite songs on her guitar and then got down on one knee. It was beautiful.”

Brianne and Kaity took a day trip to Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah for a photo shoot with Isabelle Fyffe. Say the brides, “We both laughed the entire time and felt pretty awkward, but Isabelle Fyffe was AMAZING and captured exactly who we are.” Highlights from the engagement shoot are below. Kaity and Brianne will be married on July 8th 2017.

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