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Tessa & Casi's Las Vegas Lovefest

June 28th 2015

Las Vegas, NV

Casi, a successful personal trainer and Tessa, a hardworking mother of three, met when neither was looking for love. When Tessa hired Casi as her personal trainer, sparks unexpectedly flew. Both women noticed the electricity between them. Says Tessa: “I have never been so excited to exercise in my life! We fell head-over-heels in love and everyday since then has been better than the last. She loves my children as her own and we have created a beautiful life together full of love, laughter, and happiness.”

Tessa and Casi got engaged on June 28th 2014—their wedding day was exactly one year later—during a trip to Houston, Texas for their first experience at a gay pride parade. Though they had already agreed that Casi would be the one to propose, Tessa bought an engagement ring. “Even though I wasn’t going to be the one doing the asking, I surely wanted to be able to joyfully tell her yes and place a ring on her finger.” As Tessa packed for the weekend trip, something in her heart kept telling her to bring the ring, and so she did.

During the parade, Tessa heard a DJ calling her name. As she approached the booth, she noticed her own sister, Casi’s sister, and Casi, all smiling and wearing matching tee-shirts that spelled out: Will you marry me? Casi got down on one knee as Tessa squealed in delight. Says Tessa: “I was able to place a ring on her finger that very night.”

At the time, same-sex marriage was not legal in the state of Texas, so the brides knew they were going to plan a destination wedding. Tessa has a soft spot for Vegas ever since visiting with her mom when she was 21. The brides wanted a wedding full of love, life, and fun, and they decided Vegas could capture those things. The brides chose to say “I do” at the wedding chapel at Planet Hollywood.

Tessa shares her excitement over the timing of last month’s Supreme Court ruling: “As we were boarding the airplane to go get married in Vegas, we got a text from one of our bridesmaids saying, “Look at the news, check the news!” I got the biggest grin on my face because I knew … I just knew. A few moments later, another bridesmaid forwarded a post on social media to us confirming what I already knew in my heart. The Supreme Court had ruled in our favor … love had won … and when we came home to Texas, we would be recognized as a legitimate married couple.”

Both brides walked down the aisle. First, Tessa’s “Bridesman” carried a sign the brides made. It read, “Here Come the Brides.” Next came Tessa, escorted by her mom, then Casi, escorted by her dad.

Casi & Tessa both collected brooches to create their own bouquets, but they quickly realized they needed professional help, so they called Nicolasa Cicero who made them matching brooch bouquets. The brides say Nicolasa was a joy to work with.

Wedding Song: The brides have two. Processional: A Thousand Years performed on the piano without vocals. “Anytime we hear this song now, we inevitably find ourselves locked in each other’s embrace, swaying to the melody.”

During the sand ceremony, “as our two lives became one,” Ellie Goulding’s How Long Will I Love You filled the room.

Tessa’s Favorite Moment: “We chose to write our own vows. Hearing Casi recite the vows that she worked on for weeks, and watching her eyes well up with tears as she got lost in the moment was priceless to me. I will never forget the way I felt at that very moment in time.”

Casi’s Favorite Moment: “Hearing us introduced as Mrs. and Mrs. Tribbett in front of our family and friends.”

The brides, bridesmaids, and both mothers-of-the-brides wore Converse shoes. The brides added a little extra bling, complete with wedding veils, on the back of theirs. The brides and their loved ones celebrated at a post-ceremony dinner. Afterwards, one of their bridesmaids and her husband surprised Casi & Tessa with a hummer limo to drive them around the city. They drove out to the iconic sign, “Welcome to Las Vegas” and snapped a picture of the group. Says Tessa: “We captured the joy and essence of our wedding weekend!”

The ladies have arrived in Vegas and are ready to get hitched.

The brides share a look of love while getting ready for their ceremony.

Close-up on Casi’s Converse.

With their brooch bouquets and handmade sign.

Almost time to say, “I do.”

A kiss makes it official.

The ladies pose with their wedding party.

A group shot to end their perfect day.

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