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Chelsea & Katelyn's Proposal Story

Chelsea and Katelyn met during their sophomore year of high school. Says Chelsea, “Katelyn was a new student and I was on a mission to make her mine from the moment I laid eyes on her.” Says Katelyn, “We were in algebra class together and she wrote me a note that she had feelings for me. I kindly turned her down but oddly from that day on we talked all day every day.” It took Katelyn three years to muster the courage to kiss Chelsea, but when she did she knew she was in love. Say the couple, “Through the years we were with others but always ended up in each others arms.”

The Proposal:

Katelyn proposed on July 14th 2015.

Katelyn: Chelsea arrived home after a long hard day at work. I knew this would be the perfect way to help cheer her up after a long day. I made a note and put a bow tie on our Golden Retriever Sawyer and sent him down to meet his mom at the bottom of the stairs.

Chelsea: I worked late that night, parked in the garage and then Sawyer usually met me at the bottom of the stairs. That night he looked exceptionally handsome wearing a bow tie. I kneeled down to kiss him and noticed a note hanging from his collar. It said “my mom has a question to ask you.”  I knew she was going to ask me and I froze. I literally stood at the bottom of the stairs for what felt like ten minutes. When I walked upstairs I couldn’t find Katelyn.

Katelyn: I was waiting in the bedroom when she walked in and I dropped down on my knee and said, ‘Chelsea Jordan Renae Gallagher will you be my forever?’ I put the ring on her finger and all she could do was stare down at it. When I stood up she kissed me and I said, “I hope that is a yes.”

Chelsea: I will never forget that moment, for some reason hearing her say my full name was divine.

The brides-to-be shot their engagement session with Wide Eyed Productions with make up by White House Make Up.

The couple say they still have the note that Chelsea passed Katelyn in high school.

They also have the note that Katelyn tied to Sawyer’s collar for the proposal.

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