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Julie & Laura's Brooklyn Vows with Three Receptions

Brooklyn, New York

November 16th 2013

*Usually, I ask the brides a bunch of questions about their wedding, and through our correspondence I stitch together their story. With Julie & Laura, it was impossible to say it better than they already had, so here is their story, in their words.

“Everyone says it’s impossible to meet that forever kind of someone at a bar. But we did!

We met at the Jukebox at Cubbyhole Bar in the West Village. Laura was picking out songs that she liked when she saw someone’s hand come over her shoulder and start tapping the screen. She turned around and it was Julie. Laura asked Julie what she wanted to hear, and Julie promptly responded, “See You Again” by Miley Cyrus. Laura thought she was cute and so did Julie. The two went to another bar with Laura’s friends. Julie ended up missing her last train back to Long Island, and Laura waited with her at a diner until the next train came. While at the diner, where it was brighter than the bars the two had been at, Julie commented “Oh you have freckles.” While she said it she smiled, which made Laura smile too.

Julie bought a brand new pair of sunglasses just before their first date. When Laura saw her walking up the street, she was a little intimidated by how cute Julie looked. On the date, Julie swears that Laura spoke less than 200 words, and thought that when she went to the bathroom Laura was going to leave. Laura swears that she was quiet because she wanted to listen to all of Julie’s stories and wanted more time with her.

Five and a half years later, there was no formal engagement or proposal, just a discussion and a decision. A decision to throw a kick-ass dance party/wedding with their friends and immediate family to celebrate their life together in the same year that DOMA was overruled. So in six weeks they planned their night out in Brooklyn (wedding) and asked a good friend to officiate. The ceremony was held close to their home at Transmitter Park in Greenpoint. It’s a special place for the two of them because they both love the water, not to mention it has a pretty amazing view of the city.

They spent the rest of the evening touring a few bars in the neighborhood. After the ceremony, everyone went to The Shanty where there happened to be delicious gin cocktails and a band playing. Next, to the Richardson for some dinner and speeches from their parents and brothers. Lastly, dessert and dance party at Larry Lawrence where the brides finished off the night with their favorite pizza at the bar from Italy Pizza on Manhattan ave.”

Wedding song, is of course “See you again.”

The brides wanted a celebration with their family as well, so they planned a Jewish ceremony at Laura’s parents’ backyard in Montclair, NJ the following summer. They had this gathering catered by Culinariane, and people are still talking about the food. The brides say it was a special day to share with their family.

Seven years after they met, the brides say this: “Laura talks a lot more, but still likes to listen to Julie’s stories.”

Wife time.

The brides descend the staircase.

The brides en route to their ceremony.

The brides and the USPS.

The brides in Brooklyn.

A quick stop for a gorgeous photo.

And there’s always time to dance.

Julie & Laura chose natural beauty for this special day.

The brides revel in this moment.

A look of love.

The brides say, “Our wedding was not about tradition. It was about us. We had our friend officiate and just do the basics.”

A kiss makes it official.

So many smiling faces mean these brides are loved.

Stationary by the bride.

Another kiss in beautiful Transmitter Park.

These two could make anyone smile.


A perfect moment.

We can’t get enough of Katie’s gorgeous photos.

Sun’s setting … time to celebrate.

The brides enjoy their party.

One more kiss before they slip into something more comfortable.

The entrance to Larry Lawrence is all romance.

The brides steal a good night kiss.

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