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Cheryl & Emily's Proposal & Engagement Shoot

Cheryl and Em met while working at the same tech company in the Bay Area. Say the brides, “We met on a project that had us locked in a conference room together for roughly 60 hours a week for several months.” Em was immediately impressed with Cheryl’s confidence during the project, while Cheryl was intrigued by “this sexy, young, confident and intelligent maverick standing out on such a high profile project.” Once the project was complete and Em headed back home to Austin, Texas, the two began a long-distance relationship. Say the brides, “That lasted 6 months until we both moved to the Bay Area around the same time. The rental market is bonkers here, so we bought a house together within a year.”

Cheryl proposed to Em on February 1st, 2014.

Cheryl: I asked her father for permission on Thanksgiving while we were both alone in the house. It was like a scene straight out of a rom-com: He was cutting ham, so when I struck up the conversation with him he turned around and had the BIGGEST knife in his hand! I was terrified. Once I got the question out, however, he was the sweetest. I had hoped to propose in the snow but due to drought I came up with a back-up plan of re-creating our first date in Old Sacramento.

Em: I didn’t understand why Cheryl was so insistent on going to Sacramento that weekend, but we always have fun there so I was happy to go along. I was tired though, so I kept inadvertently trying to thwart her efforts to re-create our first date.

Cheryl: I was more nervous about arranging the moment in secret than actually popping the question. I tried to send her to the bathroom so I could light candles, but she came out too fast, thankfully not noticing the wisp of smoke I was blowing away. Eventually I found my moment.

Em: I was completely surprised when I turned around and she was taking a knee! It was super sweet and I’m glad she did it in Sacramento, that’s very much us.

The brides took engagement photos in Discovery Park, CA with Katherine Nicole Photography. Highlights below.









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