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Jenna and Kayla’s Breezy Beach Bash

 August 29th, 2015

Montara State Beach, CA

Jenna and Kayla met about 4 years ago at a non-profit working with youth with extensive mental health needs. In the early stages of their relationship the couple used to walk their dogs on the beach, and so it was there, on Ocean Beach, that Jenna proposed to Kayla on August 9th 2014. Jenna wrote Kayla a song for the special moment. Though the proposal was a surprise, the couple had picked out rings together from NahOku.

Jenna and Kayla were married on the beach with a reception following at La Costanera Restaurant. The brides created a unique “Y” shaped aisle. Each was walked towards the other by her parents, and they met in the center of the arms of the Y. Once together they hugged their parents and walked hand-in-hand the rest of the way.

Kayla’s Favorite Moment: Listening to my mom’s speech, which included the phrase of the night; ‘Love Always Wins.’

Jenna’s Favorite Moment: Kayla and I had a moment alone after the ceremony. We watched the sun setting from the bluff over the beach. It was our chance to take a deep breath together and feel the gratitude for everything that was happening on our special day.

The brides had a first dance right after they were introduced as Jenna and Kayla King in the reception. They also both danced with their fathers after speeches were completed.

 Wedding song: So Much in Love” by the Tymes 

The brides chose this song because Kayla sang it to Jenna one morning out of the blue. They danced, and the song stuck.

 The brides included loved ones in their ceremony with bridal parties of both men and women. They paired their bridal parties for the procession in ways that would break down preconceptions about gender and the gay community.

Say the brides: Straight men and women walked each other down the aisle (typical), lesbians and straight women—some wearing slacks some wearing dresses—gay men and straight women, and our personal favorite, a man and woman who were both gay, both wearing slacks, suspenders and bowties!

Jenna and Kayla also had a lei ceremony and a ring warming in which their rings were passed around so that guests could make positive wishes or blessings. They also had one of their “bridesmen” read a quote from the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.

From the brides: We also had group vows, which were pretty amazing. We were asked to face our guests and family as they proclaimed out loud to us ‘WE WILL’ to the requests of our officiant to support us throughout our journey as a married couple.

 The brides served Peruvian food at their reception, which they say opened many guests eyes to how delicious the cuisine is. Both brides did a bouquet toss, and they integrated their Hawaiian and Jewish heritages through traditions like the lei exchange, a barefoot wedding ceremony, breaking the glass and dancing the hava nagila.

Asked if there’s anything they would change, the brides agree they would change some of the details of their ceremony. “The ceremony didn’t flow as well as we would have liked and we felt maybe we had included too much specific information, that may have made the ceremony a bit lengthier than need be.” The brides admit this was a blunder on their part, because their officiant pushed them not to change the ceremony. They should have trusted their instincts. Still, the wedding was a day of love and celebration.

See some incredible highlights from their day below,and click HERE for their wedding video by J. Kapture Studios.

Jenna approaches Kayla for their first look.

And the brides share a kiss they’ve been waiting for.

We love a quiet moment for the brides to reflect.

Kayla helps her bride into their vintage ride.

Backseat smooch.

The stylish bridal parties.

Could this view be any more spectacular?

The brides check out their festive venue.

We love this chalkboard timeline of the day.

Jenna and her parents walk toward the ceremony spot.

The brides kept their processional unconventional.

Kayla and her parents enter.

The families meet in the center for hugs and kisses.

The brides take center stage.

Kayla slips a ring onto Jenna’s outstretched hand.

And a kiss makes it official!

Kayla and Jenna are wife & wife!

The brides stop for a newlywed kiss on the beach.

Jenna shows off her beautifully adorned bare feet.

The newlyweds take the floor.

A kiss amid the chaos.

We love this beachy cheesecake.

Jenna and her father take the floor.

Kayla and her father follow.

The brides sneak a way to watch the sun set.

The perfect California scenery.

The brides say that other special moments from included some favorite wedding traditions, like the hava nagila …

Stomping on the glass …

And tossing their bouquets into an excited crowd.

The brides laughed, kissed, and danced the night away.

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