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Lacey & Summer's Colorado Proposal & Photo Shoot

Summer, 25 & Lacey, 28 have been engaged for a year and a half, and when Platte River Fort was looking for a same-sex couple to photograph at their venue, Summer & Lacey were the chosen brides. Says Summer, “It was a truly fun experience and the venue is incredible, with wonderful people that run it.”

Summer is a mechanical engineering student at CU Boulder as well as a machinist at the school. Lacey is a message therapist at Eden Spa and singer/actress (currently performing at the Bug theater in Denver). They met through a mutual friend at a party in 2012 where they hit it off. Their fast friendship soon grew into something more and the couple began a relationship.

The Proposal

Summer popped the question on Christmas Eve 2014, just before the couple was headed to a family Christmas party. It’s a tradition in Summer’s family that everyone opens one gift on Christmas Eve, so she urged Lacey to do just that. Says Summer, “She knew I had been making something for her, but had no idea that it was a ring box and that I was proposing.” Summer had spent 6 months working on a miniature version of the flower vase from Beauty & The Beast. “I hand crafted everything including the flower out of wire and clay, everything but the glass that protects the flower.” Lacey’s dream role is Belle, and she collects miniatures, so Summer was certain she would love it. She was right.

When Summer got down on one knee and proposed Lacey looked up and the ceiling and started fanning her eyes because she didn’t want to ruin her makeup with tears of joy. Says Summer, “I was sitting there like hello… Yes? No? Maybe… She of course said yes! Still, I have never seen a girl so determined not to ruin her make-up, but it was great, and she still looked gorgeous afterwards.”

The ring box that Summer made herself.

Because Summer is still in school the brides to be decided to wait to be married until she graduated, and will wed on June 2, 2018 at Lacey’s parents’ house in Evergreen, Colorado. The brides will go with a Victorian/Steampunk theme, but are planning to make their wedding offbeat, adding some fun and humor to the day.

Say the brides, “It won’t be traditional at all.” There will be no white dresses, wedding parties will be mixed gender, and the friend that introduced them will officiate, opening the ceremony with the words, “”Queerly beloved we are gathered here to-gay …”

Self-described nerds, the brides will also have Monty Python style horse-riding down the aisle, shooting glitter cannons when they kiss. “We want as much fun and silliness as possible.” Lacey will be escorted down the aisle by her father, to “Tale as Old as Time” from Beauty & the Beast. The couple is currently taking ballroom dancing lessons so they can have a choreographed first-dance to “Electric Heart (Stay Forever)” by Neon Trees.

Both of the brides’ families has been involved in the planning process, and although Summer’s mother was hesitant about the wedding due to her religious beliefs, she eventually came around. Says Lacey, “Summer told her mom that she would not hold it against her if she chose not to participate. She said, ‘I know you love me regardless and that won’t change.’ Seeing a mother and daughter show unconditional love and respect for one another was so heart warming.”

There are many more unique details the brides are ironing out, but one thing’s for sure, this will be a wedding like no other. Says Summer, “The beauty of not rushing the wedding is we have time to do everything we want.” The brides have chosen green and purple as their colors, and rather than flowers and bouquets the crafty brides will make all the décor themselves. Rather than separate bachelorette parties, they’re planning to take their wedding party on a trip, and rather than a typical open bar they’re planning to incorporate an oxygen bar, hookah bar, smoothie bar and taco bar into the wedding. Neither bride plans to change their name, as their wedding day will be about love and commitment, but they’re both proud of their individual identities.

Check out their Platte River Fort photo shoot by Lynette Seelmeyer and Kathryn Marble below.

Lacey and Summer show off the stunning venue.

Say the brides, “The weather was perfect the scenery was lovely and we really just ended up being our goofy selves.”

Practicing the wedding kiss.

“They got some incredible photos of us even though most of the time we were just giggling, kissing, or doing something silly and fun.”

Time for a break.

Photographer Lynette found both dresses that Lacey wore for the shoot. Says Summer, “Both ended up looking absolutely stunning.”

Perfect winter day.

So many spaces in this venue lend themselves to stunning photos.

Lacey also wore a pantsuit to change things up during the photo shoot.

Summer, “I have a love of suits, vests, and bow ties; dresses are really not my thing.”

The brides-to-be say that this photo shoot was not only fun, but shed light on how incredible their wedding day is going to be.

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